The GRTA vanpool program is an affordable and convenient public transportation service that enables commuters with similar trip origins and destinations to share rides - thereby reducing their commuting costs, decreasing traffic congestion and improving air quality.

GRTA provides financial incentives to riders to maximize program participation and contracts with private sector vendors who supply the vans and place individual riders in vanpool groups. GRTA's vanpool vendors offer a variety of vans ranging in capacity from 7-15 passengers, and including optional features such as GPS navigation and in-vehicle wi-fi.

GRTA continuously works with partner agencies to ensure the vanpool program fits seamlessly within the region's overall efforts to provide transportation options. Key partners in this effort include the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Georgia Department of Transportation, and metro Atlanta area Transportation Management Associations.

If you would like to find out more about vanpool options, you can create a profile and take advantage of available ride matching services to find commuters with similar work schedules who live and work near you. Visit Georgia Commute Options to learn more.

Vanpool Fact Sheet (PDF)
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